An Attempt


Yesterday I met an acquaintance of mine – a girl, who is studying chemistry.  She told me about a professor of hers, who gave them a rather unexpected task: to answer the question “Which of the great scientists, dead or alive, would like to meet and why?”in a 100-words text. It has nothing to do with chemistry, of course, but I think students of any subject would definitely benefit from this kind of exercises. And, since I have a have a lot of important stuff to do, I decided to try to answer this question myself.

Here is what I came up with:

If I, denying laws of time,

Were to invite some brilliant minds,

Whether deceased or still alive,

To humble premises of mine,

Whom would I be so honoured by?

I cannot say I live my life

Free of mistakes of any kind —

A lot of them have yet to come.

One of the greatest, I suppose,

Is judging writers by their prose.

And still it shall dictate my choice:

Nabokov, Chesterton and Joyce

Are on my list. I am intrigued

By who the “Shakespeare” might have been;

Ray Bradbury I’d love to meet.

However, one thought gives me fright:

That pleasure will be solely mine.

It is the one and only attempt so far and it does not even explain the choice I stated — not to mention that it exceeds the allowed word count by 6 words. At any rate, I need to get it off my Sunday list.

Thank you for the attention and

Bon vèspre,



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